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AH Bio

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Ana Hernandez found her passion and got certified as a Beauty/Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist in 2010. She has always known that her calling was to be a Hair and Makeup Artist. Her drive and determination has led her work with different photographers, which has given her more knowledge of how she can use her makeup techniques in different lighting and sceneries. Ana Hernandez not only caters to beauty/bridal hair and makeup services, but she also provides private makeup classes at the comfort of her client's home. AH Stunning Beauty Team was established by Ana Hernandez in 2016. 


Some of her credits and recent work:


Designer Pia Gladys Perey look book 2019

Designer Lulu et GiGi look book 2019

ZuniSportwear look book 2019

Art Hearts Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2019

Art Hearts Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2019

Art Hearts Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2018

Styled Shoot Across America Temecula 2019 

Guido Karp Photo Workshop 2019

Designer Melissa Mercedes Look Book 2018

Moira Cosmetics Campaign 2018

Art Hearts Fashion Show Fall/Winter 2018

Miss Filipina International Headshots 2018

Miss Fontana Interviews & Headshots 2018

Miss Toyota Grand Prix Final Event 2018



Certified Beauty Makeup Artist 2010

Certified Pro Beauty Makeup Artist 2018

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